From ideas to reality.

Gillespie Design Group is an architectural design firm that translates client goals into building realities. Established in 2000, we are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with architectural, interior design and land planning skills. Our projects represent a wide range of building and construction types, with clients who share a common belief that excellent design creates value for them. Though we routinely serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area, Indiana and Wisconsin, we work on projects in other parts of the United States as well.
“Architectural design is a rational process that ultimately creates value for our clients. It is not, therefore, subject to the whims of moments of inspiration—though they can occur. Rather, it is a thoughtfully considered process that follows a progressive approach striving to comprehend and encompass everything that matters and is relevant to both the project and our client.”
—David Gillespie, founder and president, Gillespie Design Group

Meet the staff.

David Gillespie

Cheryl Saenz

Ken Youhn

David Gillespie is a 1984 and 1987 graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Master of Architecture degree. Dave has over 30 years of experience working for both large and small architectural firms, including starting Gillespie Design Group in year 2000. His design expertise entails working with multiple building types, construction methods and client types. David is a registered self-certification architect with the Department of Buildings in the City of Chicago.

Cheryl Saenz is a 1983 graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas with an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. Cheryl’s interior design experience consists of various office, retail, medical and dental facilities, restaurants, and educational facilities as well as hospitality and recreational projects. Cheryl has been employed with Gillespie Design Group since 2003. In addition to her vast design experience, she has become our swimming pool go-to-person. Additionally, we use BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards to provide services for our commercial space planning clientele.

Ken Youhn is a 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Design. Ken is a wealth of knowledge with a vast array of experience, totaling more than 35 years, including municipal and government buildings, educational, retail, restaurant, hospitality, and recreational buildings.

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